军事类纪录片,Discovery Channel 频道 2003 年出品。



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  • 英文片名 :Planes That Never Flew
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  • 电视台 :Discovery Channel
  • 地区 :美国
  • 语言 :英语
  • 版本 :DVD
  • 发行时间 :2003

They could have changed the world - had they been built. Four full length documentaries tell the incredible stories of the pre-war jet fighter the Lockheed L133, America’s SST, the Convair WS-125 ‘Doomsday bomber’ and Britain’s rocket-powered interceptor the Saunders Roe SR177.Each aircraft is recreated using advanced computer graphics, and its extraordinary story is told using rare archive footage and exclusive interviews.

In The Last Rocket Fighter, the series examined at the Saunders-Roe SR.177, a combined jet- and rocket-powered interceptor aircraft, planned by the British company Saunders-Roe, but cancelled in 1957 due to a change in strategic plans.

In The American SST, the series examined American attempts to build a supersonic airliner which began in the 1960s in response to the Anglo-French Concorde project. The furthest advanced proposal, the Boeing 2707 project, was eventually cancelled in 1971 by Congress.

In America’s First Jet Fighter, the series examines the Lockheed L-133, the first attempt by an American company to build a jet-powered fighter, begun in 1939 by Lockheed but later cancelled due to lack of interest.

In The Atomic Bomber, the series examines the WS-125, an attempt by the United States Air Force to develop a nuclear-powered strategic bomber which could fly non-stop without refuelling. It was eventually cancelled in 1961 as unfeasible.



内容 应用科学类 机械工程 航空器
社会科学类 军事 军用航空飞行器
史地类 历史 二十世纪
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