军事类纪录片,History Channel 频道 1999 年出品。



  • 中文片名 :
  • 中文系列名:
  • 英文片名 :Death of the Wolfpacks
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  • 电视台 :History Channel
  • 地区 :美国
  • 语言 :英語
  • 时长 :44 min
  • 版本 :TV
  • 发行时间 :1999

“It was the longest single battle of World War II. For nearly six years, Allied supply ships and their armed escorts conducted a deadly cat-and-mouse game with Nazi submarines, which lurked beneath the waters, poised to sever the vital lifeline that kept England in the conflict.

DEATH OF THE WOLFPACKS chronicles this long battle, from the early days when the U-boats enjoyed virtually unchallenged dominance of the North Atlantic to the final movement of the war, when Admiral Doenitz’s once-vaunted wolfpacks were being sunk at a nearly 60% rate. Military historians detail the pivotal events in the long fight, including the entry of the United States into the war, the capture of an “Enigma” code machine and Hitler’s refusal to provide his admiral with the vessels he needed to continue fighting effectively.

This is the authoritative examination of the battle that Winston Churchill called the dominating factor throughout the entire course of the war in Europe.”



内容 应用科学类 机械工程 船舶
社会科学类 军事 现代战争
史地类 历史 二十世纪


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