社会科学类纪录片,ITV 频道 2010 年出品。



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  • 英文片名 :Islands of Britain
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  • 电视台 :ITV
  • 语言 :英语
  • 时长 :约 47 分钟
  • 版本 :TV
  • 发行时间 :2010

Martin Clunes embarks on an epic journey to search for island paradise, travelling from the most northern tip of Britain to the southerly seas, to visit some of the 1000 or so islands off our shores. In the three-part series the actor explores hidden Britain – the stunning, wild, curious and culturally diverse islands around our coast, and listens to the fascinating stories of what life is like away from the mainland from the people who live there.

In Episode 1 Martin Clunes leaves behind the hurly burly of mainland life to begin his island adventure at the most northerly point of Britain He travels to the Shetlands, the most isolated chain of islands in Britain which are closer to the Arctic Circle than to London.. Martin’s first port of call is Muckle Flugga, a lighthouse rock which is the wildest and most northerly tip of Britain, where the Atlantic and North Seas meet. Ferocious storms have claimed the lives of numerous sea farers, and it was touch and go whether the weather would allow Martin to travel to the island. After reaching the most Northern Island martin continues his travels to Forvik, Unst, Eigg and Barra, meeting all sorts of people along the way. All islanders Martin talks to give us an understanding of the psychology that lies behind their island spirit.

On the second leg of his journey around the islands of Britain, Martin dropped anchor off the Inner Hebrides to explore the wreck of an old steamboat. An experienced diver, Martin donned the equipment, and plunged into the icy waters. But he encountered breathing problems, and had to be brought back to the surface. On Piel, a tiny island which gets cut off from the mainland off the coast of Cumbria in Morecambe Bay at high tide, Martin meets the self styled King and Queen, and is honorary guest at their coronation. Martin crossed the Irish Sea to visit Rathlin, the only inhabited island off the coast of Northern Ireland, and one where the population is so low that the community is threatened with disappearing altogether. It has dropped from 1200 to about 80. But a new fast passenger ferry is a symbol of hope that may encourage new families to the island, enabling them to commute to the mainland to work but retain their island retreats. Martin also travels to the Isle of Man where he meets their prime minister, Tony Brown.

Martin leaves the cold and windswept islands of the north for the sunny southern havens for the final part of his journey. The islands along Britain’s southern coast have a warmer climate and more sunshine hours than any other part of the British Isles. They provide an escape from the stresses of mainland, whether it is the tax havens of the Channel Islands, the tranquil retreat of Sark, where the only form of transport is horse and cart, or possibly the most exotic location in the country – the Isles of Scilly. On Guernsey Martin discovers that the affluent island is often the target of criminal gangs intent on drug running or laundering money. The severe sentencing policy on Guernsey has meant the price of drugs is very high. The next leg of the exploration takes Martin to the unique island of Sark, which until recently was Europe’s last remaining feudal state with laws dating back 500 years. Sark has no airport, no cars. In fact the only motorised transport allowed is a tractor, and then only if it essential for your work. Travel is by bike or horse and cart. Martin meets Rossford De Carteret to learn how to drive a horse and cart, and passes the test with flying colours. Martin ends his island adventure with a scary visit to Bishop’s Rock, the final outpost of the British Isles, and listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest island in the world with a building on it – a lighthouse. The only way to land is by helicopter on the heli pad on top of the lighthouse, which is 160 feet above sea level. While the view is spectacular, Martin’s fear of heights makes it an unnerving experience.



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社会科学类 社会 休闲活动 旅游
史地类 地理 欧洲 西欧
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