社会科学类纪录片,BBC 频道 2007 年出品。



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  • 英文片名 :Twenties In Colour: The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn
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  • 电视台 :BBC
  • 地区 :英国
  • 语言 :英語
  • 时长 :约 59 分钟/集
  • 版本 :TV
  • 发行时间 :2007

The remaining 4 episodes of ‘The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn’

First Aired on BBC Four, Thu 8 Nov, 20:00-21:00

Series examining Albert Kahn’s ambitious Archives of the Planet project, in which he sent photographers, armed with the world’s first user-friendly colour photographic system, around the world to document all aspects of human life.

When the Armistice was signed in November 1918, Kahn’s team photographed the scenes of jubilation in Paris as they witnessed the negotiations at the Paris Peace Conference and recorded the horrifying aftermath of four years of war.

First Aired on BBC Four, Thu 15 Nov, 20:00-21:00

The First World War led to the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire and its former provinces came under the control of France and Britain. Albert Kahn’s cameras were there to record the establishment of new nations.

First Aired on BBC Four, Thu 22 Nov, 20:00-21:00

Between 1914 and 1928, Kahn sent some of his most talented photographers to the Far East. In Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan, they produced a compelling photographic record of economic and cultural life, subsistence industries, and ceremonial practices, and produced a fascinating portrait of the life of a wealthy Maharajah in India during the British Raj.

First Aired on BBC Four, Thu 29 Nov, 20:00-21:00

The last programme in the series shows the films shot by Kahn’s cameraman Lucien Le Saint who joined the French fishing fleets in Newfoundland, the film and colour autochromes shot by Frederic Gadmer who recorded Voodoo religious practices in Benin and the experimental colour films produced by Camille Sauvageot in 1928, depicting the lives of farmers, Gypsies and bullfighters in France.



内容 社会科学类 社会 民俗
史地类 历史 二十世纪
文化艺术类 视听艺术 摄影
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