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  • 中文片名 :
  • 中文系列名:勇闖天涯
  • 英文片名 :Globe Trekker Season 8
  • 英文系列名:DC Globe Trekker
  • 电视台 :Discovery Channel
  • 地区 :美国
  • 语言 :英语
  • 时长 :约 52 分钟/EP
  • 版本 :VHS / DVD
  • 发行时间 :????

Globe Trekker transports viewers to unforgettable destinations through its stunning photography and spirit of adventure. In each episode, we send our charismatic hosts Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro, Zay Harding, Megan McCormick, Brianna Barnes, Holly Morris, Judith Jones and more off the beaten path to soak up the local culture, sample the cuisine and revel in breathtaking vistas. Globe Trekker’s motto? “living as the locals do!”

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Estelle Bingham starts her exploration of the ancient city of Istanbul at the famous Topkapi Palace, former home of sultans and their concubines. From there she visits the former seat ofimgae: istanbul Christendom, the beautiful Aya Sophia church.

She interrupts her sight-seeing for a day trip to Gallipoli, the site of an infamous World War I battlefield in which thousands of Anzac soldiers died.

Continuing her journey around Istanbul, she visits the opulent Pera Palace hotel, visited by Agatha Christie amongst many others, and has a belly dancing lesson from some gypsies.

She visits the Florence Nightingale museum and has some retail therapy in the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest markets in the world. She takes another day trip to the amazing Edirne Wrestling Festival, with over 1000 well-oiled men competing for the gold belt.

Her last day in Istanbul has her visiting the famous Blue Mosque, and going to see some Whirling Dervishes.

Christina starts her journey in the wine region of Bordeaux, where she gets a very unique beauty treatment: vinotherapy, or wine therapy. From there she visits the ancient pre-historic cave paintings at Grotte du Peche Merle, and then goes on a lovely canoe trip down theChristina ChangDordogne River, stopping off at a beautiful old castle on the way.

After a tasty meal in her farm stay, she then heads south to Bayonne and some Basque culture, taking a lesson in Pelote Basque, one of the fastest games in the world. From there she visits Lourdes, one of the major Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world.

Her journey next takes her to the Roquefort region, where she learns all about that strong smelly cheese. Continuing east, she visits the ancient town of Arles, whose most famous resident was the painter, Vincent Van Gogh.

She takes in some more wine at the Chateuneuf-du-Papes wine festival, before heading to Marseilles for Bastille Day. She then gets a lesson in perfume making in the perfume town ofGrasse, before hitting the beaches of the Riviera. She takes a quick glitzy trip to Monaco, before ending her trip in Cannes, famous for movie stars and beaches.

Estelle Bingham starts her journey cycling through Hell’s Gate National Park, before heading north to meet a Mau Mau freedom fighter. She continues into the tribal lands of theimage: estlle Northern Frontier, hangs out with some Samburu tribesmen, tracks lions in Laikipia, and participates in a young Pokot boy’s initiation ceremony into manhood.

From there she takes a beautiful flight over the Rift Valley to the Masai Mara Game Reserve to stalk the dangerous buffalo. She makes a quick trip to the capital Nairobi, and gets to spend some wonderful time up close to baby elephants in Daphne Seldrick’s elephant orphanage. She ends her trip on the coast in the remote Arab trading port of Lamu.

Suffused with colonial history, New England boasts a mixture of Old World Charm and New World sophistication. A visit to New England at this time of year guarantees a fantastic The beauty of the fall in Stowe, Vermontspectacle of autumnal natural beauty throughout the region.

Our journey begins in Plymouth, site of the first Pilgrim community in America, where Megan visits the restored Plymouth Plantation. From there she heads to Boston, the lively and cultured hub of New England. She passes by the Boston Tea Party Ship, and visit some other Revolutionary War sites in and around Boston. A quick visit to Harvard, a college football game and some delicious local oysters rounds out her Boston visit.

Heading out of town in her rental car, Megan meets some witches in notorious Salem, eats at the original hamburger stand in New Haven, and takes in a biker convention in DanburyCivil War battle re-enactment Connecticut. From there she heads west to the Hancock Shaker Village, then drives through historic Deerfield before landing in Stowe Vermont for some gorgeous fall foliage and hiking.

She continues north into Maine for some rafting and lobster, before getting some sun in New Englands’ summer playground of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. She ends her journey in Newport, taking in the famous mansions and having a sail on a beautiful old 12 meter yacht.

Estelle starts her trip to Rome touring the famous Forum, the hub of ancient Rome. Starting her second day she tastes as many different forms of espresso as possible before continuing her exploration of the city by visiting Michelangelo’s beautiful Piazza Campidoglio, and the historic museums flanking the piazza. She then learns how to make a real Roman pizza, before strolling through charming Trastevere, and visiting the oldest church in Rome, Santa Maria.

Her next day finds her watching a mass in St. Peters, trying on the latest in clerical garb on some streets nearby, and visiting the home near the Spanish Steps where Romantic poet John Keats died. Taking a break from Rome, she goes on a day trip to Anzio, site of a famous Allied landing and victory during World War II.

Back in Rome she visits the Piazza Navona before taking in the sumptuous sights of the Villa Borghese, one of the greatest private art collections in the world. She looks at the balcony where former dictator Mussolini exhorted the crowds, before visting the famous Colosseum. She takes another day trip away from Rome to go to a unique festival in Tuscany: a duck derby. On her last day in Rome she has lunch with a movie star, and visits the Pantheon, the resting place of Raphael.

Ian starts his journey at the unique Day of the Dead festival in Pazcuaro. After reveling late into the night, he goes to the old colonial town of Guanajuato, where he spends time bull riding with some Mexican cowboy. From there he goes to Acapulco, where he takes in the glitzy nightlife and watersports before watching the famous cliff divers. Continuing his search for the perfect beach, he heads to Puerto Escondido for the annual surfing festival. He then travels to the Mayan ruins of Palenque, before visiting the Zapatista stronghold of San Cristobal. He ends his journey with an amazing trek through the Lancondon jungle.

Estelle Bingham finds herself on an adventure down under on the world’s most diverse island, Australia. Through the eyes of three other presenters who have travelled to this area of Estelle Bingham in Southwest Australiathe world, Justine Shapiro, Ian Wright and Megan McCormick, Estelle takes through the highlights of each of these trips while having her own amazing adventures.

The journey begins with Sydney, and from there we take a tour of Australia’s best beaches, which includes the worlds largest sand bar, hang gliding over breathtaking coastlines to the fun filled city beaches. From here we take a look at the fun and funky forms of getting around Australia from flying the vast distances, taking the world renowned Indian Pacific railway and even buying your own car.

Then it’s an expedition into the outback where we marvel at the art of bush survival, camel rustling and a genuine night out in the bush with a dingo. We continue our tour of Australia with Uluru - Ayres Rock in the Outbacka segment exploring the culinary delights relishing in swish Australia nouveau cuisine, a local food festival, fresh crab on the beach to bush tucker with witchetty grubs being eaten direct from the land and ants being used for some local lemonade.

Bush tucker leads us into the section about the Aboriginal people. We take a look at some local festivals, beautiful art, the spectacular Ayres Rock (Uluru) and an insight into the complexity and splendour of their beliefs.

Such a vast place allows us to visit some of the most famous and quirky festivals in the remote outback towns. Local rodeo, poetry and a bachelor and spinster party takes us onto the ultimate party of them all, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Australia has a fascinating past and we are taken on a journey through its convict past. From Australia Day, a holiday in memory of people’s convict ancestors, to visiting the horrific image: reveller at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Grasprison of Port Alfred, the viewer gets a good sense of Australia’s history.

Due to its remoteness as an island, Australia has a varied and unique flora and fauna in the most spectacular landscapes. Our presenters meet the cutest and most dangerous of Australia’s critters including one presenter sitting on a crocodile and another hugging koalas and a wombat. Dingos, cane toads and snakes also feature and we even meet the world’s most magnificent mammal, the Whale Shark.

We then journey into the breathtaking National Parks of Australia. These include the remote and beautiful Bungle Bungles, the crocodile filled Kakadu National Park, the breathtaking canyons in Karijini National Park, last but not least, the spectacular underwater world at the Great Barrier Reef.

Zay Harding takes us on an adventure of three of the most culturally rich countries in south East Asia – Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. With the help of Ian Wright, Megan McCormick and image: Zay Harding goes hill walking in VietnamJustine Shapiro, we can take our pick from some of the most interesting temples, markets, jungles and people, as we explore the beauty that is Indo China.

First stop Ho Chi Minh City where Megan shows us the best way to tackle the hectic street life, while Zay experiences one of the strangest fruit of the area, betel nut: a fruit that the elderly eat supposedly good for the teeth, but can also make you drunk.

Throughout Indo China, war has had a great effect on the people, culture, and surroundings. In Vietnam, Justine get to grips with some old militarily machinery, while in Laos, they have a more beneficial use for old war shrapnel. We also get an insight into the mass genocide that has scared Cambodia.

Religion plays an important part to the people of Indo China. This devotion has lead to an impressive array of temples and villages; one of the most breath-taking being the ancient royal city of Angkor in Cambodia.

Indo china is famous for it’s food, and with the help of our guides they will tantalise your taste buds with the delectable delights that the rivers and markets of the region have to offer. Some food takes courage to eat, and expect to see some unusual delicacies.

Our travellers will not only show you the beauty of Indo China, but they will also explore the mountains home to ancient hills tribes. From the Akah people in Laos to the Hmong village in Vietnam, these tribes have managed to maintain traditional cultures and way of life that has been around for centuries.

Indo China has many unusual traditions and cultures that the western world may find difficult to understand, but underneath all the history of war and persecution, it is exciting and modern, yet still manages to maintain its many ancient traditions.

Megan McCormick’s journey of Indonesia takes her to two of the most fascinating and sophisticated countries in the South China Sea. She starts her adventure in Java’s capital Jakarta where she tries her hand at Car Jockeying, the street people’s response to the three in one car pooling system introduced by the Jakartan government. From there she Heads north of the city to Sunda Kelapa Harbor, a 800 year old port originally used by the Dutch.

After sampling the nightlife and the Jakartan answer to fast food Megan travels to the site of one of the most volcanically active places on the earth Krakatau. Megan climes Anak Krakatau the volcano that grew on the site of one of the most violet eruptions of all time. She also dives the seas around Krakatau which have some of the most wonderful sea life due to its undersea thermal springs keeping the water warm.

From here Megan takes a train ride to Yogyakarta, Java’s old capital. On the way she stops off to take in the splendor of one of Indonesia’s religious biggest attractions, the Buddhist temple of Borobudur. Heading north takes Megan to the Islamic center, Kudus, where she learns how to make the much loved Indonesian cigarette Kretek.

Sumatra is Megan’s next destination and it’s just a short flight to the Capital Medan, from there an hour bus journey to the travelers chill out resort of Danau Toba. After a visit to the witch doctor in Lake Tuba, Megan meets Solomon who tells her of the speculation surrounding the ancient tribe of this area the Batak. With stories of sacrifice and cannibalism behind her Megan heads north again to Sumatra’s Gunauagleuser National park, and Bukit Lawang nature reserve to meet our closes ancestors the beautiful Orangutans.

After a 10 hour ferry ride Megan’s last stop is the island of Pulau Nias, where she meets the Niasans, who are more willing to exhibit the traditions of life where war was a frequent occurrence. A more modern tribe to emerge from Nias is that of the surfers, who come to the island to experience the excellent conditions and tackle the legendary right hand wave. Here Megan ends her journey of this fascinating and diverse country.

In Calcutta, Shanghai and Bangkok, our trekkers enjoy the best of what Asian cities have to offer.

image: Holy Morris: Holly meets a Sadhu on Sagar IslandHolly Morris dodges the busy traffic in Calcutta, ‘City of Joy,’ to experience the two sides of the capital of West Bengal. Holly is struck by the contrasting worlds since its colonialisation 50 years ago. From the modern horse racing track to the ancient Kali Temple, the academic world of College Street to the young boys home, this is a city divided in culture and wealth. Leaving Calcutta briefly, Holly ventures to Sagar Island to participate in the holy dip and be blessed by a holy man.

Danielle Baker takes up the reins in Shanghai, where she visits the stunning Buddhist temples and enjoys some of the local pass times and traditions of Tai Chi, acu-pressure and of course, tea. Before enjoying the fantastic bazaars, Danielle marvels at the incredible Chinese acrobats.

Finally, we head to Bangkok, where Estelle Bingham takes in the stunning temples and Grand Palace built by Rama I. Leaving the calm of the Buddha, she tries her hand at the biggest sport there, kick boxing, before going to watch a live match. Finally Estelle visits Pat Pong Market,famous for its sex industry and Chatichak Market for some shopping before heading to the Elephant Festival in Surin.

Ian Wright starts his amazing journey of South Korea in the Capital Seoul. After finding a place to stay, he takes in the delights of the Kyongdong market with a hired guide. Still in Hog Head Farm: street food in KyongdongSeoul Ian tries his hand at Tae Kwon-Do with the national team of Korea, and gets to train with the Womans Olympic team. After taking in the nightlife of Seoul, Ian heads north to the North – South Korean Boarder to experience Military power at it most dramatic at the DMZ.

Once out of the busseling city of seoul, Ian ventures south to Jinbu, where he seeks solace, and serenity with the Buddah. In the hills of Jinbu is Woljeongsa temple, one of the oldes Ian Wright chats to Korean girls in Korean traditional dress or Hanboktemples in Korea, dating back to 545 AD.

The village of Hahoe, to the south of Korea is a genuine six hundred year old working village, and Ian has a sneaky look into this ancient way of life. It is back into the mountains again, as surrounding Ha Hoe it is possible to visit a remote monastry whereyou can see monks practicing martial arts.

After being streached by the monks, Ian travels to Busan the Russian Town of the south East Coast. Here he visits the extreamly fresh Chagalch’l Fish market, and has a breakfast of a different kind. From Busan it is possible to take a ferry ride to the Korean primary holiday destinationCheju Island. Cheaju Island is famous for one traditional group of people, The Haenyo, these women free dive for fresh fish and sealife everyday. Korea is a metropolis of culture, from ancient to the modern, it’s all to be found here.

Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China has been described by tourists as China’s largest theme park; for the Chinese it is the ‘Promised Land’ with its lure of prosperity. image: Megan climbs the Great Wall in Beijing Tiananmen Square, the former stage of Cultural Revolution rallies and now a place of recreation is where we begin this journey to the beat of the daily flag-raising ceremony where PLA soldiers are drilled to march at 108 paces per minute, 75cm per pace as the sun rises. Not far away lies the largest and best preserved group of ancient buildings in China, the Forbidden City, kept out of bounds for 500 years by the Ming and Qiung dynasty emperors and now a place that welcomes visitors. Following a climb to the roof of the Ancient Observatory for a great view of the city, we sample Mao’s revolutionary cooking prepared by his townsfolk whilst admiring the grounds of the Lama Temple, the most colourful in Beijing, with its beautiful gardens, stunning frescoes and tapestries.

Inside we look for the image of the Buddha having sex, formerly used to educate Emperors’ sons, and that evening carrying colourful paper lanterns, we join revellers of the Lantern Festival during the evening of the 15th day of the first moon, before driving to the Longquin Gorge, a canyon in Yanquin County about 60 miles north-west of Beijing where we end our journey at Beijing’s Ice Lantern Festival amidst a colourful fiesta of ice and light.

In seven days, Ian Wright explores the home of Mozart, Freud, the Hapsburgs and of course the nation that brought you the sausage! At the centre of Europe, Vienna, the capital of image: Ian Wright in the Museum QuarterAustria flaunts some of the best and most varied architecture on the continent and the Hofburg Palace is no exception. Home to the Hapsburgs at their height, Ian explores the crypt holding the remains of many Hapsburg bodies, admires the stunning emerald (the largest in the world) and marvels at the bizarre collection of relics including the tooth of John the Baptist.

On to the city’s cemetery which houses 2 ½ million bodies including Schubert, Brahms and Beethoven. After taking a look around the Freud museum and sitting in his old waiting room, Ian travels to Mauthausen, a Nazi concentration camp. Witnessing 100,000 deaths, Mauthausen is an example of one of the many torture camps existing during the Second World War. Ian is shown around the site and speaks to a survivor of the camp.

In the conclusion to his trip Ian winds his way away from Vienna to Salzburg, the home of Mozart, and the Danube before enjoying his final night back in the capital at one of the city’s stunning balls.



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