军事类纪录片,Others 频道 ???? 年出品,是 Oth The War File 系列其中之一。

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  • 中文片名 :
  • 中文系列名:
  • 英文片名 :The Franco-Prussian War 1870-71
  • 英文系列名:The War File / The History of Warfare
  • 电视台 :Others
  • 语言 :英语
  • 时长 :约 55 分钟
  • 版本 :dvd
  • 发行时间 :????

Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 movie was released May 08, 2007 by the Allegro studio. The first “modern” war in Europe and the largest military conflict fought on European soil (to the time) is re-told through dramatized reenactments, expert analysis and in-depth commentary.

Two European superpowers clash in this documentary about the 19th century war from the History of Warfare series Franco-Prussian War 1870-71 video. THE FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR 1870-71 features reenactments and thoughts from leading historians.



内容 社会科学类 军事 近代战争
史地类 历史 十九世纪
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