应用科学类纪录片,History Channel 频道 2007 , 2008 年出品。



  • 中文片名 :
  • 中文系列名:
  • 英文片名 :Boneyard
  • 英文系列名:
  • 电视台 :History Channel
  • 地区 :美国
  • 语言 :英語
  • 时长 :Approx. 50 mins.
  • 版本 :TV
  • 发行时间 :2007, 2008

Boneyard gives us an inside look at what happens when anything from passenger cars to B-52 bombers have reached the end of their useful life. Boneyard will show that there is a new life for these products when they are no longer useful.

What happens to railroad cars and locomotives after they are no longer usable? This episode explores what happens to all things railroad at the end of their lives.

What happens to a car when it no longer runs? This episode explores automotive boneyards, not all of which end in a shredder.

How are modern military weapons scrapped, restored, or recycled?

Where do aircraft go when they are no longer airworthy? Some are preserved, some recycled, and others have a more fiery fate.

This episode looks at crime weapons and tools.

From salvation to scuttling, the fates of ships are explored in this episode.

This episode explores the lives of mines after their deposits are depleted.

This episode looks at how electronic equipment is recycled.

This episode looks at the cleanup of New Orleans after Katrina struck.

The second life of garbage is explored in this episode.

Recycling and preservation of buildings are explored in this episode.

This episode explores the treatment and recycling of human and agricultural waste.

This episode explores the uses for off-shore oil rigs after their lives drilling are exhausted.



内容 应用科学类 电机工程 其它电机领域 机械工程 车辆 船舶 航空器 精密机械 机械设备 其它机器领域 环科/环保
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