社会科学类纪录片,History Channel 频道 1994 年出品。



  • 中文片名 :
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  • 英文片名 :Titanic: The Complete Story
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  • 电视台 :History Channel
  • 地区 :美国
  • 语言 :英语
  • 版本 :DVD
  • 发行时间 :1994

From the original plans of the White Star Line to produce the most magnificent liner ever built to the aftermath of the tragedy, Titanic is an inclusive look at one of the defining events of the 20th century and the legend that seems to grow with each passing year.

Beyond Titanic focuses on the aftermath and legacy of the sinking, drawing on a host of survivor interviews, and showcasing extraordinary footage of the wreck. Through clips and excerpts from popular songs, books, shows and movies, the program shows how the story of the Titanic remains a fixture in the popular imagination, sometimes expressing itself in extremely unlikely ways. With nearly five hours of Titanic programming, this set is the definitive look at the most momentous shipwreck in history.



内容 应用科学类 机械工程 船舶
社会科学类 社会 灾难
史地类 历史 二十世纪

  • 维基百科:泰坦尼克号


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