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  • 英文片名 :Air Crash Disasters
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  • 电视台 :Discovery Channel
  • 地区 :美国
  • 语言 :英语
  • 时长 :约 45 分钟 / EP
  • 版本 :TV
  • 发行时间 :2009

In a fascinating combination of human interest stories and scientific investigation, this collection profiles some of the most shocking air traffic incidents in aviation history. An insightful opportunity to witness the facts behind such tragic air disasters as the Tenerife 1977 and New York 2001. Aircrash Disasters investigates both high-profile and little-known air disasters. We uncover how and why they happened, viewers are taken on board flights in trouble, recreating the tension and pressure in the cockpit and cabin.

Events depicted here are based on cockpit voice recorders, flight data information and accident reports. News footage, interviews with key witnesses, and CGI is also used to shed light on causes behind disasters.

The Tenerife Air Disaster - Most Deadly, Discovery Channel 43 Mins

On March 27th, 1977 in the beautiful Canary Istands of Spain, the worse disaster in aviation history to date took place. In an attempt to take off in a thick fog, a 747 collides with another on the runway in Tenerife. The fiery explosion kills 583 people leaving just 70 survivors.

By using forensic re-creations and transcripts of the recorded cockpit and control tower conversation, this programme investigates exactly what went wrong. We interview the ony surviving pilot Captain Robert Bragg, and two of the stewardesses working on one of the planes that day as they take us though the events and their experiences. We hear from numerous experts, authors and pilots as we try to unravel the events leading up to the incredible disaster.

This type of collision is referred to as a runway incursion and, shockingly, we Iearn that we are far from protected from another Tenerife taking place again.

  • Produced and Directed by Phil Desjardins
  • Narrated by Jim Forbes
  • Executive Producer — Erik Nelson
  • Executive Producer for DNE — Eugene Vink
  • Discovery Communications, LLC.

Pan Am 103 - Minute By Minute, The History Channel 45 Mins

On the evening of December 2lst, 1988, Pan Am FIight 103 mysteriously exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. The Boeing 747 fell to the ground in a million pieces. AlI 243 passengers, 16 crew members and 11 Lockerbie residents were killed. An investigation into the accident implicated two Libyan terrorists and a small plastic explosive.

The two men, one an employee at an airport in Malta, smuggle a suitcase on board Pan Am Flight 103. Inside is an ordinary cassette recorder, but tucked inside the recorder is a “Semtex” explosive. The bomb detonates and all is lost. An investigation is immediately launched, and a thumb-sized timing devise eventually Ieads officials to the two men responsible for the deaths of 270 people

This programme relives the disaster at Lockerbie through the recollections of those involved and tells the story of the extensive investigation which resulted in the eventual trial of two Libyan men 11 years later.

  • Produced and Directed by Lisa Shaughnessy
  • Narrated by Peter Demeo
  • Executive Producer — Jonathan Towers
  • Produced by Tower Productions, Inc. for A&E Network

TWA Flight 800 - Best Evidence, Discovery Channel 43 Mins

In 1996, TWA flight 800 exploded shortly after take-off from New York’s JFK Airport instantly killing all 230 peopIe on board. The scale of the disaster was enormous and wreckage was scattered all over the ocean. The families left behind needed to know exactly what had happened.

There were three possibilities; mechanical failure, a bomb inside the hold or a missile from the outside. It became obvious that the explosion occurred inside the centre fuel tank, but what nobody knew, was the cause.

After 12 months of the largest and most expensive airplane investigation to date, the FBI & NTSB revealed their verdict on the crash. They believed the fuel in the central tank had vapourised while the pane waited on the hot tarmac. A sprk then ignited the vapours causing an enormous explosion.

However, there is much speculation about the government’s spark theory. Over 150 eyewitnesses claim they saw a rocket or missie strike the plane. Radar evidence and traces of plastic exposives found in the wreckage further added to the speculation.

This programme speaks to all those involved in solving the mystery as weII as key eyewitnesses and aviation experts in order to understand exactly what happened on that fateful day.

  • Produced by Phil Desjardins
  • Written and Directed by Jeff Vanerwal
  • Narrated by Shawn Devlin
  • Executive Producer — Erik Nelson
  • Executive Producer for DNE — Eugene Vink
  • Discovery Communications, LLC.

Last Hour Of Flight 11 - Zero Hour, Discovery Channel 47 Mins

On 11th September 2001, the world watched in horror as two hijacked American Airlines planes were flown into The Twin Towers, devastating the lives of thousands. But what exactly happened in those 60 minutes leading up to the moment when the first plane hit the World Trade Centre?

Last Hour of Flight 11 uses a real-time split-screen format to examine that fateful hour. Experience the pulse-pounding countdown from the moment that the passengers boarded Fiight 11 to the split second before the plane hit the Twin Tower.

That evening, FBI agents found two black cases belonging to Mohammed Atta that had failed to be put on Flight 11 in time for its departure. Within these cases were videos of pilots’ tours, a hand-held flight computer, a Koran and five sheets of Arabic script detailing Atta’s plan of action for that day.

This programme uses Atta’s chilling prescription for death in voice over as the minutes unfold from the perspectives of various key people invoived; the terrorists on the aircraft; the hostesses making their telephone calls to the ground and ground control at Logan airport.

  • Written, Produced and Directed by — David Hickman
  • Narrated by David Morrissey
  • Executive Producer — Dan Korn and Andre Barro
  • Executive Producer for DNE - Susie Worster ; Bettina Hatami
  • Discovery Communications, LLC.

Fear of Flying - Extreme Machines, Discovery Channel 43 Mins

When the going gets tough at 30,000 feet and the unexpected happens, it’s only the pilots with ’the right stuff’ who wilI bring you safely down to earth.

Watch incredible footage of Captain Larry Fuda landing his Boeing on only one set of main landing gear. Captain Eric Moody lost all four engines when he flew into a cloud of volcanic ash. After gliding for an agonizing 14 minutes and dropping 25,000 feet, the engines suddenly burst into life. Willy Query survived a mid-air collision and managed to Iand his stricken plane safely. British Airways Captain Tim Lancaster was sucked out of his cockpit when his windscreen blew out. A purser clung to his feet as the co-pilot made an emergency landing. Captain Denny Fitch lost all flight controls in his DC10 but he achieved the impossible by landing his plane on a wing and a prayer.

In this programme we meet the pilots whose acts of heroism saved passengers from almost certain death and find out what it took for these. skilled men to land their pianes.

  • Director — Yavar Abbas
  • Narrator — Dan Russell
  • Executive Producer - Stuart Carter
  • Discovery Communications, LLC.

When Planes Go Down - Discovery Channel 50 Mins

On a clear June day in Hollywood, a six-seater Beechcraft Bonanza narrowly misses a field of school children before taking a nosedive into an apartment building. The plane crashes through three floors before exploding in a fireball in an underground garage. We capture the chaos as emergency crews attempt to take control of the situation. National Transportatjon Safety Board (NTSB) Investigators are on the scene within minutes, assuming command. It is their crime scene. All of the police, firefighters, FBI, and anti-terrorism squads answer to the NTSB investigators.

This programme is a definitive look at how plane wrecks are recovered and returned to accident investigators who review all the evidence and work towards a probable cause.

  • Written and Directed by — Chuck Braverman
  • Narrated by Jimmy Hodson
  • Executive Producer — Chuck Braverman
  • Executive Produeer for DNE - Stephen Reverand
  • Discovery Communications, LLC.

Cleared For Landing - Discovery Channel 45 Mins

After every aircraft incident, there is an investigation. Over the past 30 years, these investigations have spurred the airline industry to change its approach to air safety.

This programme highlights some of the major air disasters such as the notorious TWA Flight 800 and the Singapore Airlines Flight 006 and shows how they helped shape air safety standards of today. We take you on the inside of what the Federal Aviation Administration considers the safest airline in America and show you how it keeps statistics down and confidence up. We reveaI how it maintains its fleet and trains maintenance crews, flight attendants and pilots to avert tragedy. We also take you behind the scenes of the FAA for a Iook at how aircraft are performance tested, how pilots are screened for “Fitness to Fly” and how port security personnel and air traffic control are trained.

  • Narrated by Jay Marks
  • Written, Directed, and Producad by Marian Marzynski
  • Executlve Producer for DNE — Jack E. Smith
  • Discovery Communications, LLC.

Alive : The 1972 Andes Survivors - Minute By Minute, The History Channel 45 Mins

Thirty five years ago, in October 1972, a chartered plane carrying members of a Uruguayan rugby team, along with friends and family, crashed into a remote section of the Argentinean Andes. Thirteen people were instantly killed but there were 32 survivors left 14,000 feet up in the harsh, forbidding snow- swept Andes.

After two weeks, the search for the missing plane was called off and the remaining survivors soon dwindled to a mere sixteen. In order to survive their ordeal, they had no choice but to eat some of their deceased companions. Left with no other option, two survivors, Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa, left the crash site and trekked for 9 days over the Andes in order to save the rest.

Featuring interviews with the survivors we chronicle their incredible tale and provide a first-hand account of their seventy one days spent in the middle of the Andes Mountains.

  • Written and Directed by — Wendy Greene
  • Narrated by Peter Demeo
  • Executive Producer — Jonathan Towers
  • Produced by Tower Productions, Inc. for A&E Network



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