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  • 中文片名 :希特勒的保镖
  • 中文系列名:
  • 英文片名 :Hitler’s Bodyguard
  • 英文系列名:
  • 电视台 :Others
  • 语言 :英语
  • 时长 :约 46 分钟 / EP
  • 版本 :TV
  • 发行时间 :2008

How did Adolf Hitler manage to survive more than 40 assassination attempts…some by his own generals? Using captured SS documents and eyewitness interviews, this documentary series reveals the secrets of the elite bodyguards who swore loyalty oaths to the Führer himself. It explains how Hitler cultivated rivalries among his security services to ensure his safety, and how his purposefully unpredictable behavior saved his life several times.

Carefully assembled archival footage offers rare glimpses inside Hitler’s infamous strongholds: the Berghof, the Wolf’s Lair, and the Berlin bunker. Computer-generated graphics detail the security measures used in his trains, planes, and touring cars. And meticulous re-enactments bring lost incidents to life. In 13 riveting episodes, this Military Channel favorite brings fresh, fascinating context to the 20th century’s most evil and destructive tyrant.

Since 1990, the British team of Philip Nugus and Jonathan Martin has created popular, critically acclaimed historical documentaries, including Churchill’s Bodyguard and The Century of Warfare.

The Athena label, part of Acorn Media, has announced a 4-DVD collection with all 13 episodes of Hitler’s Bodyguard. This 611-minute set will come out on February 2nd. Video is presented in full-screen, with both color and black- and-white scenes. Audio is English Stereo, and English subtitles are also included. Cost will be $79.99 SRP in the USA, and CA$99.99 SRP in Canada. Here’s a list of contents, including extras, followed by the cover art:

Hitler’s personal protection squad grew from a few fiercely loyal, handpicked ruffians into an army with a complicated structure and intense internal competition.

Beer hall brawls, street fighting, and several brushes with death marked Hitler’s rise to power in the stormy politics of interbellum Germany.

During Hitler’s first year in office-as he steered Germany abruptly towards tyranny-he faced no fewer than a dozen attempts on his life.

In one bloody, well-planned purge, Hitler eliminated his political rivals and ended the looming threat from Ernst Röhm’s well-armed Sturmabteilung.

As the Nazis amped up their anti-Semitic and expansionist activities, Jewish groups, Soviet Communists, and Otto Strasser’s rival Black Front all targeted Hitler.

By 1938, people inside and outside Germany-including some of Hitler’s senior military personnel-planned preemptive strikes against the Führer.

Convinced that a failed bomb plot had roots in England, a Gestapo counterintelligence officer engineered an elaborate sting to snatch British agents.

Hitler liked to tour cheering crowds in a customized, open-top Mercedes Grosser and later a G4-a predilection that gave his bodyguards nightmares.

One of the first politicians to use campaign flights, Hitler eventually exposed himself to assassination attempts while touring his conquered lands by air.

British operatives targeted Hitler’s special train, the Führer-Sonderzug-a rolling fortress on rails-despite its heavy armor and tight security measures.

Heavily camouflaged and fortified, Hitler’s military headquarters in Poland saw several assassination attempts-including the one that came closest to succeeding.

Hitler’s Alpine retreat in Bavaria offered opportunities for a pistol-packing German officer, a sniper, a long-range bombing raid, and even an aerial assault by the Allies.

One member of Hitler’s inner circle later claimed to have contemplated flooding the Führer’s Berlin bunker with nerve gas as the Allies closed in.

20-page viewer’s guide with highlights, questions to consider, avenues for further learning, Who’s Who among Hitler’s Bodyguard, and a guide to Hitler’s security units.

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