自然科学类纪录片,BBC 频道 2013 年出品,是 BBC Storyville 系列其中之一。



  • 中文片名 :
  • 中文系列名:
  • 英文片名 :Expedition to the End of the World
  • 英文系列名:BBC Storyville
  • 电视台 :BBC
  • 地区 :英国
  • 语言 :英语
  • 时长 :约 55 分钟
  • 版本 :TV
  • 发行时间 :2013

Documentary which follows the journey of a group of scientists and artists as they venture by ship into one of the last uncharted territories on Earth. Now global warming is melting the ice, an unexplored fjord system in north-east Greenland has opened for a few weeks each year. The explorers set sail on an Arctic journey where they encounter a polar bear, Stone Age playgrounds and an entirely new species. Awe, curiosity and humour bond the scientists and artists as they contemplate a landscape untouched by humanity. As the boat slips further away civilisation, the crew have a disturbing encounter which underlines the destructive impact of mankind. Epic, breath-taking and awe- inspiring, this documentary depicts both the wild beauty of the Earth and man’s own transitory role in evolution.



内容 自然科学类 地球科学 大气科学 陆域地形 冻原和两极 水域地形 海洋
史地类 地理 海洋 北极海 大洋洲及其它各国 北极


Category:片名 Category:BBC Category:BBC Storyville Category:2013 Category:3. 自然科学类 Category:3.5 地球科学 Category:3.53 大气科学 Category:3.54 陆域地形 Category:3.541 冻原和两极 Category:3.55 水域地形 Category:3.551 海洋 Category:6. 史地类 Category:6.2 地理 Category:6.21 海洋 Category:6.215 北极海 Category:6.26 大洋洲及其它各国 Category:6.266 北极 Category:缺翻译